Specifications for Anti-Idling or Truck Stop Electrification

  • Provides the trucker with heat or air conditioning.
  • WiFi
  • Electricity to run on board appliances while parked
  • 18 AireDock through the window units
  • 32 Shorepower units providing electricity for APU’s
  • Added 10% additional spaces to truck parking
  • More efficient access, egress and internal circulation.






  • GUARANTEED to save you $2.00 per hour vs. fuel cost
  • Reduces noise and hearing loss
  • Reduces diesel fumes and air pollution
  • Decreases vehicle vibration and internal organ injuries
  • Reduces respiratory problems due to breathing in fumes
  • Reduces accidents since drivers get better rest in a non-vibrating cab
  • Saves engine and parts replacement (annual equivalent of 60,000 miles)



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