18 JunThe ECO Steps We Took

As owners of ECO Travel Plaza we are 2 1/2 years new to the business.  We didn’t know much about “how to do it” and we didn’t have alot of biases about “this is how things are done in the fuel business.”  We thought there was a chance for the retail fuel industry to do something to repair its poor environmental image.  We wanted to create a demonstration project for the world to see.  The following is our three phased approach:

ECOlogy – helping to save the planet by reducing use or replacing resources

  • 50 Anti Idling (Truck Stop Electrification “TSE”) AireDock and Shorepower units which provide HVAC, WiFi and electricity for on-board appliances.  Engines can shut down saving about 1 gallon of diesel per hour.
  • 35kW solar system
  • LED exterior lighting saving electricity use, creating a brighter, more comfortable experience and reduced resources for replacement bulbs and fixtures.
  • Energy efficient interior lighting replacement
  • Controller to reduce electricity use and peak demand
  • Water conservation through automatic shut-off faucets, waterless urinals and water pressure reducers
  • Air hand dryers
  • LED lighting in coolers
  • Ethanol blend of fuel
  • 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (coming soon)
  • 4 Energy efficient HVAC units reducing electricity use
  • Recycling center for electronics (coming soon)
  • Dark film over windows to reduce heat build-up and air conditioning use
  • Recycling of paper, glass and plastics
  • 5 energy efficient electronic message boards
  • Energy efficient LED identity sign
  • Recycling cooking oils for bio-diesel production

ECOnomy – Saving consumers through the efficient use of resources and discounted fuel options.  ECO savings and benefits for our customers include:

  • Up to $ .17 per gallon immediate saving with the ECO VIP debit card (coming soon)
  • Up to $ .17 per gallon immediate saving for cash ECO VIP members
  • Up to $ .37 per gallon saving with the BP Visa card (1st 60 days for new cards)
  • ECO VIP members automatic chance for $10 to $500 prize with every purchase
  • ECO VIP members get discounts on in store purchases

ECOhealth – Saving the planet through best practices for crops and providing healthful food options for our patrons.

  • Free range and organic products (coming)
  • We offer a limited selection of fresh and healthier drinks, snacks and meals.  We have products that are lower in: sodium, fat, trans fats, calories and carbs
  • We have: lactose and wheat intolerant and diabetic, vegan and vegetarian choices (call or email if you have specific inquiries about availability)

TSE provides the following health benefits to drivers and our staff and the country:

  • Reduced noise and hearing loss
  • Cleaner air and reduced respiratory problems
  • Safer driving since drivers get better rest in a non-vibrating cab


Truck Stop Electrification:

  • NOx = 337 tons
  • PM = 10 tons
  • Hydrocarbons (HC) = 24 tons
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) = 144 tons
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) = 21,818 tons
  • Reduced power and materials needed to make parts and supplies for repair

Solar system:

  • Generating up to 39,683 kWh
  • offsetting 107,380 pounds of carbon dioxide (the leading greenhouse gas)
  • eliminating 280 pounds of nitrous oxide (causes smog)
  • saving 560 pounds of sulfur dioxide (cause of acid rain)

The 25 year totals for solar will be the equivalent of:

  • taking 175 cars off the road
  • planting 263 acres of trees

Other Improvement Savings:

Other improvements are efficient LED and fluorescent lighting, automatic faucets, hand dryers, water pressure reducers, LED signs, ethanol, oil disposal for bio fuels, controllers for reducing electricity use and peak demand, waterless urinals, EVCS, Bio diesel and recycling.