ECO Travel Plaza has now been independently owned and operated since 2008.  When we became involved we wanted to change the vilified image of the “truck stop” and typical gas station.  Both are seen as necessary evils by many due to the fuels they sell, the quality of service and typical products they provide.  We are not 100% environmentally friendly by the nature of our business.  However, we have taken important first steps to reverse some of the typical industry impacts.

And, we’ve only just begun.

The ECO Travel Plaza goal is to make our facility a showcase for American business and especially for a travel plaza.  We are the most “Eco” friendly travel plaza in the US.

Why was the name “Eco” chosen?  For three reasons:

1.  “Eco” is for ECOlogy

We are helping to “save the planet”.  We can make a difference by reducing the amount of  diesel used by truckers.

2.   “Eco” is for ECOnomy

We want to help truckers save up to $15.00 per day in fuel use and by pricing our products fairly with daily specials.

3.   “Eco” is for ECOhealthy

We allow truckers to breath cleaner air and have a safer drive after a restful sleep.  We also follow best practices for growing and providing fresh healthy food options including:

  • Lower calorie, lower fat, lower sodium, lower cholesterol foods
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables and salads
  • Diabetic and high blood pressure appropriate choices
  • Nutritional information to help with food choices


To be the most environmentally progressive travel plaza in the USA

To offer products and services our patrons want if at all possible

To distinguish ourselves and to compete favorably with the typical “corporate truck stop”